Thursday, December 07, 2006

soce CDs in stores all over the world!!!

I'm sure that many of you know that you can purchase soce CDs online or download them from iTunes, as well as directly from me-- as a side note, if you purchase them directly from me, I throw in free stickers and cards as well, plus I'll be more than happy to autograph them if you request--

But did you know that you can also purchase them DIRECTLY IN STORES!!! So for all of the people who are afraid to shop online or don't have their own credit cards, now is your chance to grab a piece of me!!!

Just ask for me by name.. soce, the elemental wizard. And here are the UPC codes for my two albums:

I'm in My Own World

The Lemonade Incident

Right now, I am on Super-D One Stop distribution. This all may seem kind of confusing, but basically all you have to do it:

  1. Go to the store.

  2. Ask for them to special-order my CD.. show them my name, the CD title and the UPC code.

  3. If they're having trouble finding it in their database, tell them that I am on Super-D One Stop distribution.

  4. Pay them the money for the CD.

  5. Come back a few days later and viola, you have a brand new soce CD, with no internet purchasing involved!!

There are thousands of stores across the world that can special order my CDs using Super-D One Stop distribution. If you would like to buy my CD, please let me know where you live, and I will give you the full list of stores in your area / state / country. Remember, you probably WILL NOT find my CD sitting on the shelves... So you will need to go to the cashier and ask them to special-order it for you.

I know it sounds totally confusing, but other people have already done it (and I have gotten $$ from Super-D for their purchases), so I'm positive that it works!!!

thanks again,
see ya 'round,

Friday, November 17, 2006

ho boy it's time for another soce conversation

"how's it going"
"i'm great"
"that's awesome"

"you're great too"


"why are we talking"

"because one of soce's friends told him that he likes when soce of that people or other such things have talk with each other and all that"

"okay, k-e-w-l"

"this conversation has amazing plot"

"i wish all of soce's posts were conversations"

"i hate politics"

"meh too"

"i hate a lot of stuff"

"that rulez"

"yeah.. heh heh"

"y r u laughing"

"cuz you are so generic"

"yeah, that does it 4 me 2"

"i like kissing"


"want a soda?"

"okay sure"

*pop* *fizzzzz.....*

"yeah that was great"

"i like lemon soda"

"does that even exist"

"yeah, i think so"

"this conversation is long"

"yeah but it hasn't really gone anywhere"

"i wonder if it contains any zingers"

"yeah who knows"

"stop saying yeah"

"you shut up, jerk"

"ha ha you said 'up-jerk'"

"okay and what does that mean"





hey.. I'm just tryin ta make ya happy :-)

love always,

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ayo this is how I normally advertise myself:

"Please come to my live shows.. they are listed on my myspace page! Also, please buy my CDs from CD Baby or download my music from iTunes! I also have soce t-shirts for sale!!

And here is how I would advertise myself if I were using the well-known "shock and surprise" method, combined with the "have nothing to do with your product" method that tv advertisers seem to love to pull off these days:

SHOT of a man running down the street being chased by five deadly black attack dogs.

FLASH PAN of him crossing a busy intersection.

He JUMPS onto the hood of a car and leaps off into a flip.. The car CRASHES into another car, with a huge screeching of breaks and smashing and breaking of glass.
Man RUNS UP STAIRS. Cool visuals of the staircase.

Pulls into apartment. His mom YELLS at him:


"I'm sorry mom, I've just been under a lot of pressure lately."

His mom yells more (the yelling is what you'll remember):


The man turns and JUMPS OUT THE WINDOW, dodging clothes lines and laundary on his way down.

Somehow he lands on his feet and into a CROUCH.

There is an EXPLOSION.

He looks down at the ground, and then he looks up at you, the viewer.

He SMILES and says, "Do you know.."

Do you know..

Do you know what








The screen goes black.


Find out now at

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What's up with GRANOLA???

Seriously, why does it seem so healthy, but it's not??? I mean, it's got whole grains and oats and all that, but it also seems to be completely loaded with a whole lotta fat and sugars! What a let-down! But I still eats it all the time! Cuz I doesn't knowws any bettas!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Righteous Anger

At some point in life, someone will do something that will make you so upset, you'll just want to give that person a piece of your mind. Before you do however, maybe think it over. I know that you want to lambaste that person until he cowers, hugging your knees and begging for apology.

But it is just as likely that he will get angry at your accusation and yell right back at you, making things worse. Or, if he is hyper-sensitive like me, he will mope about the rest of the day, crying about it on the inside and whining to all his friends about how someone scolded him.

This person was probably NOT out to annoy you, and you'll probably never see him again, so why engage in an unhappy dispute? Why not use that same energy to bestow a compliment upon an unsuspecting stranger instead? There's already plenty of negativity in this world, but there's never enough love being casually tossed around.

Let's all spread some more love.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Don't Call Me. Ever.

Ha ha ha.. Don't confuse obnoxious with truthful, aight? While others come across as overly friendly, but end up being lame, I try to come across as pragmatic and hope that you can see the love that lies beneath.

There are two things I love doing.. exchanging emails and hanging out with my friends and hot guys. I am not really into talking with people on the phone. It's a conversation that never really begins or ends. I used to think that I sucked at it because I was shy, but now I realize that it's because most of the time, I don't have anything to say.

With email, you can hit someone up any time about anything. It can be long or short, and that person can answer you whenever s/he wants. You can go back and forth or not.. 'sall good.

When I'm on a date, I've clearly set aside a portion of my life to spend with this person. We do things together, we look at each other a lot, maybe we flirt, it's a lot of fun.

But when the phone rings, I'm always in the middle of doing something else. I'm either at work, so it's awkward to talk about personal stuff, or I'm at home, and I'm trying to eat supper or work on music or animation, and I'm not in the mood for talking. Sometimes I will be lying on the couch, and I'll call someone, but then THEY'RE usually out with their friends or eating dinner or so on. It's difficult, and it rarely works out.

The only people I really enjoy conversing with on the phone are my family and close friends. We're so close that we can jabber on and on about pretty much anything, and it's fun and exciting. I love everyone else, but if they live in NYC, then I'd rather just hang out face to face.. and if they live far away, then I'd rather just stick with emails.

The phone is best for organizing events.. "where are you?" "I'm on 40th and Lex." "Hey, are you free on Monday?" "No, Tuesday is best." "Okay." and so on.. not as much for "What's new in your life?" "Um... where to begin...?" ha ha ha

So remember, I do love you!!! In fact, by laying out a proper framwork, I'm making it easier for you to love me in ways I will appreciate the most. And of course, as with everything I say, there are plenty of exceptions to this rule.. nothing's written in stone. I'm curious.. maybe do many of you feel the same way? Or just the other introverts?

take care,
love, soce

Monday, February 06, 2006

My SECOND music video!!!


Please show it to all of your friends and have them show it to all of their friends and so on and so forth!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

diet tips

Here are some things I've come up with or heard elsewhere:

  1. Only eat when you're hungry. I have a pretty small appetite.. generally restaurants have huge servings, so I have no problem with using the doggie bag a lot. I find that once I'm no longer hungry, I eat much, MUCH slower, and suddenly every bite is a huge struggle. At that point, it's just not worth eating any more.. better to save it for later, when I'm hungry again.
  2. Drink plenty of water. It's good for you, and it makes you less hungry. Don't go crazy on the water, but well a few glasses throughout the day.. unless you're of course trapped on the highway, walking through a rich neighborhood or anywhere else where you'll have a hard time finding a place to pee.
  3. Exercise. I like to take plenty of walks throughout the week. The best time for some cardio is right when you wake up.. it makes your whole day so much better. Plus you'll be hungrier, and you'll get to eat more, yay! You'll have air in your blood, and your metabolism will be higher.
  4. Try some fruits and vegetables. They are our friends! Give them a shot! Just a few at first.. maybe more later!
  5. Go easy on sweets and fats. Treat yourself, but don't go crazy. Like, you could have a slice of triple choco molten lava death cake, but then maybe don't follow it up with a milk shake. Sweets should be something really special, so if you have them all the time, then you're just eating them and not enjoying them.

So that's the gist of it. Eating should be a celebration. Something you do to enjoy and love. Variety of food groups, healthy food.. don't just eat for the sake of eating-- it's good to eat throughout the day in small portions, as long as you're eating healthy things (like don't snack on cookies or candy but try veggies or fruits)-- so that way you're never crazily starving and gorge yourself.

I'm definitely not perfect or anything, but sometimes I think people want to make changes in their life-- they're just not sure where to start, and it can seem like a huge deal when its not. word--

love, soce