Monday, December 05, 2005

What makes someone hot?

I'm often curious about this myself, because it was like a big step for me to decide that I'm into men and not women. But then I feel like it was almost an even bigger step for me to come out as being into larger men ha ha!! Gays across the world look at me like, "What??"

But yeah I'm intrigued because while I'm definitely into all sorts of guys, and I don't have any particular type--there are some normal and/or small guys I'm totally into as well--80%-90% of the time, I'll be into guys who fall in the 180lbs-280lbs range, give or take a bit... So it's a little weird for me, because I'm only ~150lbs, so I probably wouldn't date myself if I somehow saw myself out in the streets...

Anyway it always weirds me out how two people can look at the same person, and one's jaw will totally drop, while the other won't give a second glance. It's not as big of a surprise when I'm w/ a straight friend, and he gets all googly over a hot woman and I don't, but it never fails to make me laugh a lil bit when I'm w/ a gay friend and he looks at a skinny dude and starts gasping and fawning. I'm like, "Man, what's wrong with you?" and he's like, "Yo, what's wrong with YOU!!"

Nothing is wrong with either of us.. I just don't fully understand.. I mean some people like horror films, and some prefer comedies... Some like chicken and others prefer soy products-- tacos vs masaman curry-- democrat vs republican... I guess taste in people somehow seems more personal because my heart rarely does flips over the food I eat. Like, I may claim that the macaroni and cheese I had last night was "as good as having sex", but at the same time, I don't lay in bed at night fantasizing about macaroni and cheese. But maybe I should.....

Friday, December 02, 2005

New Superhero: Shirtless Man!!!

Hey what's up. I was walking down the street this morning, and I saw some dudes holding up a corner store. Being the brave fellow that I am, I strolled into the store, ripped off my shirt, tie and white tee and cried out, "There's no need to fear! Shirtless man is here!!!"

"Look out for my super powers!!"

"Stunning good looks!!"

"Powerful deoderant!"

"Nipples of steel!!!"

Needless to say, the crooks handed back the money and ran off. The store owner was all like, "Oh thank you shirtless man, but you know the rules... no shirt, no shoes, no service.. please leave."