Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Righteous Anger

At some point in life, someone will do something that will make you so upset, you'll just want to give that person a piece of your mind. Before you do however, maybe think it over. I know that you want to lambaste that person until he cowers, hugging your knees and begging for apology.

But it is just as likely that he will get angry at your accusation and yell right back at you, making things worse. Or, if he is hyper-sensitive like me, he will mope about the rest of the day, crying about it on the inside and whining to all his friends about how someone scolded him.

This person was probably NOT out to annoy you, and you'll probably never see him again, so why engage in an unhappy dispute? Why not use that same energy to bestow a compliment upon an unsuspecting stranger instead? There's already plenty of negativity in this world, but there's never enough love being casually tossed around.

Let's all spread some more love.