Wednesday, September 22, 2010


THE AIRES, ML: We are in the moment of now. What once never was, is happening right this instant. Don't look with surprise, for you are the one in command. We fear nothing, for there is no longer anything of which we are unaware.

All problems are solved, all strife has eased. Every person has a job they love, and every lover has a mate of equal or greater status in their eyes. We roll around on the ground, and we like it that way. One more thing: It's very nice.

I was once naive like you, but no longer. I see things as they should be, not just how I want them to be. I run around in fields of grain on a daily basis. I walk among the people, not just with them. I circumvent all natural disasters. And so can you. Simply open up your mind, and you'll be able to take it.

Friday, September 03, 2010

IN MEMORIAM: Ochi's Lounge

COMIX, BSMT: I really enjoyed spending time in Ochi's Lounge, and I'm sad to see it go. Some of the shows were packed; others not so much. We all had a really fun time there with lots of bonding between both comedians and audience members. Sometimes famous performers who were doing shows upstairs would drop by and watch or give us a small set of their new material. Anything could happen!

You could watch great shows and order delicious food and tasty drinks, the bartender was always super chill and friendly, and there was always a fine selection of comedians hanging out there. It was our special spot, much more so than other comedy rooms about town. We enjoyed it a lot and hope for the best for all involved!!! Thanks again for great times and wonderful comedy!